Publié le 17 Juillet 2013

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Numericable refuse de céder au chantage, Rex Mundi publie les informations


"Twitter: RexMundi_Anon

Dear friends and foes,

Last week, we hacked into the servers of Belgian ISP

As usual, we offered this company a chance to prevent their customer data from being released over the Internet. To prevent this from happening, all Numericable had to do was to pay us 22,000 Euros.

In life, when someone makes a mistake, especially a mistake that could potentially have grave consequences for other people, you would expect that person to man up and own up to it.

But not Numericable. They failed to protect their servers and then failed to take the appropriate steps to prevent confidential data involving their past, future or present customers from being leaked over the Internet.

Clearly, their customers's privacy is not worth 22,000 Euros to Numericable, even when this company failed to properly secure the data that was entrusted to them.

In addition, over the weekend, Numericable lied to the press, telling the media that no customer data had been stolen. We therefore encourage the media to use the phone numbers and email addresses listed in this leak to ask if those people ever entered their private information on Numericable's website. If the answer is positive, you will then know that Numericable lied to you and to the general public.

If you are listed in this leak, please contact a lawyer as soon as possible and sue Numericable back to the stone age.

Rex Mundi"

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